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We believe transparency matters. We try our very best to share actual photos and pricing so there are no surprises. If you do not see the information you need we welcome to stop by the rental facility to see the vehicles in person. We can also send customized videos that will help show what rental options we have available or answer specific questions.


We’ve been renting cars for years– so this isn’t new to us. Each day we strive to get better as a team. At the start of 2023 we had a mission to make sure it was easy for all customers online to see what we rent prior to coming in and picking up your rental. It’s not perfect but we strive for clear pricing, easy booking and wonderful pick up & drop offs.  

History of Company

Tom Lavery, coming from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, was a member of the Army, an Ohio University Alumni, and an employee of General Motors for 17 years before buying a dealership in 1965. The dealership was first located on Hartshorn Street in Alliance, where it was owned by Ernest E. Ashley. Tom Lavery joined the company in 1964 as the Vice President, becoming the owner just a year later, renaming the dealership from Ashley Chevrolet to Lavery Chevrolet.  Two years later Tom moved the dealership from Hartshorn Street to where it is located on West State Street.

Tom and Arline Lavery had 3 children: Bob, Bill and Maryann. Their middle son Bill embraced the car business. He saw the vision and need to rent vehicles to customers when their vehicles were getting repaired. Years later the rental department grew to 100 vehicles with a separate building and team. Bedrock Car Rentals today has the same foundation just now in a slightly more modern approach with our traditional roots. Many local universities, athletic teams, schools, non-profit organizations, churches rent vehicles in addition to business and vacation travelers.

Today Chris Moore and Samantha Rohrer work together to make sure you have a great rental experience. 


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